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xero analytics launch

Xero Analytics Launch

Forecasting The Future With Xero Analytics Plus Xero have just announced a powerful new tool called Xero Analytics Plus, which is available from today. Analytics Plus is the next evolution of the existing short-term cash flow and business snapshot features with greater customisation and more accurate projections. As part of this release Xero have updated

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salary and dividends in a limited company
Limited Companies

Salary And Dividends In A Limited Company – Get It Right

Optimising salary and dividends for shareholders in an owner-managed Limited Company isn’t rocket science. However, many Limited Company owners are still paying themselves large PAYE salaries, potentially costing them thousands of pounds in unnecessary National Insurance payments every year. Every Company owner should be checking that they have optimized their salary and dividends every year

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what can an accountant do for a small business
Small Businesses

What can an accountant do for a small business?

Top Ten Things An Accountant Can Do For A Small Business When setting up their dream small business, the last thing on most people’s minds is hiring an accountant. Entrepreneurs tend to be busy thinking about their new product or service, branding, sales and marketing, and how they will deliver their new service. They are

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New Corporation Tax Rules Coming In 2023

  There are new Corporation Tax rules coming in April 2023 with a gotcha for people who have related businesses. A 25% rate of corporation tax will apply to all of a company’s profits if they exceed £250,000 from 1 April 2023. The 19% rate will continue to apply where profits are below £50,000. The

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Have You Misclaimed Covid 19 Support?

In his budget on the 3rd of March 2021 RIshi Sunak announced the creation of a new Taxpayer Protection Taskforce to look into misclaimed Covid 19 support. The budget documents say: Combatting COVID-19 fraud – The government will invest over £100 million in a Taxpayer Protection Taskforce of 1,265 HMRC staff to combat fraud within

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