Xero Accountants

Let us help you on your Xero Journey. We are Xero Gold Partners and have helped hundreds of businesses like yours with the best in class Xero cloud accounting software. 

Xero Accountants and Bookkeepers in Scotland

If you are already using Xero, or are thinking of using it in the future you will need an accountant who is a Cloud Accounting specialist. Sutherland Black are certified Xero Gold Partners who can make your Xero accounting journey streamlined and efficient. We help hundreds of local (and not so local) businesses in Scotland who use Xero and have helped many businesses migrate to Xero over the last 10 years.

If you would like to talk to us about helping you on your Xero journey whether you are an existing user or want to change to Xero get in contact with us and we will be in touch to see how we can help you.

What is Xero?

Xero is an easy to use Cloud Accounting Software for small and medium businesses. Because your data is kept on the cloud you can access it from anywhere, meaning that you can work flexibly and keep track of your business from your laptop or with the mobile app.

Xero has lots of great features including the dashboard that allows you to manage your finances in real time, submitting VAT returns online, live bank feeds and managing your customers and suppliers.

What is the best Cloud Accounting Software?

In our opinion Xero is the best cloud accounting software available for small businesses in the UK. Xero now has over 2 million users worldwide and is growing at a phenomenal rate. Their ambition can be seen by the fact that Steve Vamos, Xero’s CEO appointed in 2018, had previously been with Apple and Microsoft.

How does Xero accounting and bookkeeping software work?

Xero accounting software works by keeping all your data safely stored on Xero’s servers on the cloud. This means that you can access it from anywhere through a browser and do not have to have any special software installed on your PC. You can access it through a browser on your phone or download the Xero App.

After we sign you up with Xero you can connect your accounting software to your bank using Xero’s bank feeds. This means your bank information will be pulled across from your bank automatically every day saving time in inputting transactions and making sure you have real time financial data to use while running your business.

How Does Xero Accounting Work With Making Tax Digital?

HMRC are slowly changing their systems over to a new system called “Making Tax Digital” (MTD). This basically means that when you submit a return to HMRC instead of them just getting the overall totals they get the backup financial transaction detail as well.

Xero is fully compliant with VAT MTD which went live in 2019 and is now compulsory for all VAT registered businesses. In the future other areas of tax will start to have this requirement too. Businesses who use Xero accounting software will be ready for these changes as they arrive as Xero have stated that they will support all future MTD requirements.

Is it easy to change to Xero?

We have migrated hundreds of clients to Xero. Our accountants are fully trained in the migration process and we can manage the transition for you. Using online accounting software is really a necessity in the 21st century so if you are still using desktop based software now is the time to change.

What is the Xero App Marketplace?

One of the great things about Xero is that it is integrated with many other software services so that clients can customise their business Xero to their own niche.

The Xero App Marketplace (link here) allows access to hundreds of other apps from CRM to Specialist Invoicing to Industry Specific add ons. Many of our clients make great use of integrations like A2X for Ebay sellers and HubDoc for automatic document scanning.

Is Xero software good for your business?

We have observed that our clients who have the most profitable small businesses tend to have the best, most up to date bookkeeping and financial data. Businesses who use Xero accounting software with live bank feeds find it easy to keep up to date with their bookkeeping.

When you pair the bank feeds with great invoicing and supplier management you have a powerful combination for streamlining your business processes.

Why should you use us as your Xero accountants?

Sutherland Black act as Xero accountants for hundreds of businesses who use all the features of Xero. We can provide different levels of accounting services depending on your needs. We can just use your Xero data to prepare your annual accounts and tax or we can provide you with a complete bookkeeping and VAT service. Many of our clients do their own invoicing from Xero and let us deal with everything else.

When we combine Xero with our other accounting services it makes a great streamlined service for our clients who can get on with doing what they do best instead of worrying about the accounts.

Sutherland Black are Xero Gold Partners

When you are looking at Xero accountants you need to make sure that they are experts. Sutherland Black have been awarded the prestigious Xero Gold Partner status due to the volume of Xero account software clients we have and the Xero training that our staff have undertaken.