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Bookkeeping Services scotland

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At Sutherland Black in Scotland, we understand how hard it can be to juggle a successful business and also keep your bookkeeping up to date. That’s why we offer a full bookkeeping service that can handle all your record keeping requirements so that you can focus on your business.

Why Are Bookkeeping Services So Important?

Our most successful small business clients build profitable businesses by using real time financial information to inform their business decisions.

This is impossible without up to date financial information gained from recording all their individual financial transactions and then producing powerful financial reports such as cashflow forecasts, KPI reports and profitability reports.

What Does A Bookkeeper Do?

The bookkeeping role has changed over the last 10 or 15 years with the advent of online bookkeeping services such as Xero. In the “olden days” a bookkeeper’s role was about manually inputting data into whichever bookkeeping software was on hand. However in the 21st century a lot of the manual work has been replaced by automation and a bookkeeper can use their time much more productively.

Our bookkeeping services are more about checking that the records are accurate and up to date and providing great management information to help you in running your business.

How Do Our Bookkeeping Services in Scotland Work?

Our bookkeeping services can work on a number of levels. We can provide a comprehensive bookkeeping service where we deal with all the financial information for your business or just support you with doing your bookkeeping.

For our small business clients sometimes our basic bookkeeping service is sufficient, processing payments and receipts from the bank. However some of our bigger businesses need sales and purchase ledgers to be maintained and cash receipts to be managed.

We can make sure your bookkeeping is up to date on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Preferably we will receive all records from you electronically to speed up the turnaround but we can deal with paper records if necessary.

How Can Xero Help With Your Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping has been revolutionised over the last 15 years with the onset of Cloud Accounting services. This makes collaboration between clients and their accountants infinitely easier and means small businesses can benefit from great financial information like their bigger counterparts.

We are Xero Gold Partners and have settled on Xero as our bookkeeping software of choice as it its the market leader. Xero also has great business add-ons available in the Xero software marketplace that mean that the whole system can customised to your business needs.

Why Should You Choose Sutherland Black For Your Bookkeeping Services?

Sutherland Black offers great bookkeeping services to many of our clients. We use Xero to carry out the bookkeeping for our clients which as it is Cloud Accounting Software means the client can have a real time view of their financial information at all times.

Our use of other advanced integrated software products means that we can “bolt on” additional services like scanning paper records and providing sophisticated financial management reports for our bookkeeping clients.

You will be assigned a dedicated bookkeeper whose role it is to give you great service. They will then liaise with your accountant at the end of the year to make the whole accounts production process seamless.

How Much Does A Bookkeeping Service Cost?

We think the price of our bookkeeping service offers excellent value and many clients outsource their entire bookkeeping function to us. When we meet you for an initial meeting about our bookkeeping services we will discuss how many transactions you will have a month and the level of service you require.

We can offer a weekly, monthly or quarterly bookkeeping service with a range of extras such as document scanning or management reports. Once we have this information we can give you a tailored quote.


Why Is Xero The Best Cloud Bookkeeping Package?

Xero is the market leader having over 2 million users around the world. Our clients prefer it over the competitors and it has the widest set of integrations with other business software packages of any of the competition. Xero is being constantly developed and now has features such as project and expense management that many of our clients use.

Can I send You Paper Records?

Whilst we would prefer that we receive everything electronically we can deal with paper records dropped or shipped to any of our offices. There may be an additional cost to this and many of our clients prefer to scan the items to us directly using Hubdoc on their phone or PC which is included with Xero.

Do I Need A Bookkeeper or an Accountant Or Both?

Bookkeepers and Accountants do slightly different jobs. A bookkeeper is involved in recording every different transaction in a business and making sure that they are recorded quickly and accurately. An Accountant is usually involved in producing statutory Accounts and Tax returns to satisfy the legal requirements of a business. So most businesses will typically need both.

What Are The Advantages Of Having My Accountant Do My Bookkeeping?

There are some great advantages to having your accountants provide your bookkeeping service. Firstly our bookkeeping service is great! But also it makes the whole annual cycle of your business much smoother.

If we do the bookkeeping we will ensure that your payroll and potential tax bills are routinely recorded in your bookkeeping so that you always have an up to date picture of your financial situation.

Then when it comes to doing the Annual Accounts and tax the whole process will be seamless as we have already collected most if not all the information that we need.

Would you like to know more about our range of accounting services? Contact us today for a free no obligation quote!