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Running the payroll service for your business is one of the most important functions in making sure your business runs smoothly. After all if you do not pay your employees on time and the right amount you are going to have a lot of angry employees.

For most businesses running their own payroll is a non starter as it is a complex area and the rules often change. Sutherland Black can provide a fully managed payroll service for you so that you can make sure your are employees are paid the right amount at the right time.

What Does A Fully Managed Payroll Service Include?

If we run your payroll for you you can expect your payroll to be run accurately and on time, every time. Most businesses these days pay their employees monthly but we do have clients who run their payroll weekly and pay weekly. Our clients let our payroll team know the gross payroll amounts for the period, we process these amounts using our advanced payroll software and provide the employees with Electronic Payslips by email.

We also provide the client with the net amounts to pay the employees and HMRC. We will register with HMRC as your payroll agent so that we can deal with them if there are any queries or issues.

Why Is Payroll So Complicated?

Running your own business payroll is a non trivial task. Apart from the ever changing UK payroll legislation there are issues like Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP), Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), Holiday Pay and numerous other complications such as pension contributions, redundancy pay and overtime. Our staff have many years of experience and literally thousands of payroll runs under their belt to give you peace of mind that your

What About Auto Enrolment Pensions?

From 2012 Automatic Enrolment pensions were phased in meaning that it became compulsory for employers to automatically enrol their eligible workers into a pension scheme. The employer must also pay money into the scheme unless the employee exercises an opt out.

As part of our Payroll Services we can set up a pension scheme that satisfies these requirements and manage the admin of enrolling new employees. Once employees are enrolled we can then manage the Employer and Employee contributions to the scheme.

Why Choose Sutherland Black For Your Payroll Services?

Compared to the cost and complexity of running a payroll yourself the price of using a payroll service is very cost effective. The cost of maintaining payroll software that needs to be updated every year, training staff on the ever changing legislation and the amount of time it takes to actually process the payroll make it a no brainer to use a payroll outsourcing service.

In our opinion for most businesses using a payroll outsourcing service is just about essential. Get in touch and provide us with your details and we will provide you with a fixed fee quote per month.


Can You Run A Director Only Payroll?

We run many Director only payroll services for Companies with no other employees. We can advise on the most tax efficient salaries for Directors and make sure that they are paying themselves the correct amount to benefit from the National Insurance credits for the state pension. Even if you only have one or two employees it still makes sense to use an external payroll service.

Do You Charge For New And Leaving Employees?

Our fixed fee payroll solutions include the admin of dealing with new and departing employees. We can also deal with the auto enrolment pensions for these employees making sure that the complex statutory requirements are fulfilled.

What Is The Benefit Of Having Your Accountant Do Your Payroll?

There are some great benefits in using your accountant to provide your payroll services apart from the obvious benefit of only having to contact one company for all your accounting needs. Firstly we can integrate the payroll information into your bookkeeping and statutory accounts so you have up to date financial information regarding your expenses and liabilities. Secondly especially for Director/Owners we can give you great advice on how to run your own individual payroll for the best tax efficiency.

Is Weekly Or Monthly Payroll Better?

It is much more beneficial for a business owner to run a monthly payroll than a weekly payroll for a number of reasons. If you use outsourced payroll services the payroll cost will typically be 4 times as much if you run a weekly payroll. On top of that comes the extra admin of having to liaise with the payroll service much more regularly. If you decide to run the payroll inhouse it is obviously four times as much work!

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