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Dont Miss Out on Tax Relief on R&D

DON’T MISS OUT ON TAX RELIEF ON R&D The government is concerned that many small companies are missing out on generous R&D tax credits.  For the last year HMRC have been offering companies an advance assurance scheme to check whether or not their activities qualify before they make a claim. So far over 200 applications

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Christmas is Coming – New Rules for Gifts to Staff

CHRISTMAS IS COMING! – NEW RULES FOR GIFTS TO STAFF From 6 April 2016 new rules were introduced to allow employers to provide their directors and employees with certain “trivial” benefits in kind, tax-free. The new rules are a simplification measure so that certain benefits in kind will not need to be reported to HMRC,

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New tax rules around liquidating or striking off a Company

  LIQUIDATING A COMPANY – IS IT A CAPITAL GAIN? One of the anti-avoidance measures being introduced by the latest Finance Bill potentially changes the way that certain payments to shareholders will be taxed. This may result in payments following some company liquidations being taxed as dividends instead of capital gains. The Government is concerned

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Buy to Let Tax Changes in Full

NEW RULES FOR BUY-TO LET LANDLORDS The 2016 Finance Bill sees the introduction of important tax changes for property investors that were originally announced in the 2015 Budget. From 6 April 2016 onwards there are important tax changes affecting the replacement of furnishings for buy to let landlords. 6 April 2017 will see the start

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Companies House Confirmation Statement

Clients have always been mystified when we contact them to file their Annual Return to Companies House. “But my accounts aren’t due for 6 months” they say! The Annual Return was an Annual Filing that stated the standing data of the Company and was due annually on the anniversary of the incorporation date of the

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SA302s, mortgages and HMRC

We often get asked for SA302’s by clients who are applying for mortgages. An SA302 is an HMRC-generated form with a breakdown of income. An example is shown at the bottom of this post. The unfortunate issue is that the mortgage lenders typically insist on this type of income proof and will not accept a

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