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HMRC and the Law

A lot of clients do not realise that HMRC do not create the tax laws. Parliament lays down the law in thousands of pages of tax legislation, written in a version of English only known to the people who write them and Tax experts.

HMRC then interpret that legislation and write guides on their websites both for their staff and for the general public to read. On the whole these guides are very useful, accurate and balanced. However there is the occasion where the guidance on the website or actions by HMRC do not follow the letter of the law. It is obviously in their interests to levy penalties, increase the tax owed and sometimes they encourage people to comply somewhat over enthusiastically.

This is where a professional Tax Adviser comes in. We can refer back to the source legislation and argue the case with HMRC. This often has the effect of changing their minds and if it doesn’t we can appeal the case to a tribunal who will take a balanced view of the case.

So if you feel you are being harshly treated by HMRC please get in touch and we will see if there are any grounds for dispute.

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