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Supporting growing businesses in West Lothian, Edinburgh and Across the Central Belt

Where Do You Want To Go With Your Business?

Wherever you want to go with your business we can help you get there.

  • The first step in any growth plan is to decide where you want to go. We can help you plan and monitor your progress.

  •  During periods of growth you need to have even better control over the cash in and out of the business.  We can help by setting up and maintaining a rolling cashflow forecast.  Setting goals and monitoring cash flow, can help you to test the financial impact of business decisions.

  • We can help you save tax so that you have more to put back into your business to fund your growth.

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salary and dividends in a limited company
Limited Companies
Robert Meredith

Guide To Salary And Dividends In A Limited Company

Optimising salary and dividends for shareholders in an owner-managed Limited Company isn’t rocket science.  However, many Limited Company owners are still paying themselves large PAYE salaries, potentially costing them thousands of pounds in unnecessary National Insurance payments every year.  Every Company owner should be checking that they have optimized their salary and dividends every year

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