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Cloud Accounting

The cloud is the future!

The days of traditional accountancy are drawing to an end. Traditionally clients kept their book keeping on site and then once a year sent it to their accountants to check, adjust and submit. This model is dying. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Clients want better management information. With cloud accounting and accountant involvement during the year clients can have accurate management accounts at all time.
  • Efficiency. With addons like ReceiptBank and Bank Feeds the book keeping can be made much more efficient.
  • Automation. Addons like Crunchboards and Chaser previously labour intensive jobs like forecasting and debtor chasing can be automated.
  • Cost Savings. Paying a book keeper to manually type in thousands of items is a thing of the past.
  • Digital Tax Accounts. Whilst the details are still sketchy the government is proposing that data is uploaded to them multiple times a year.

At Sutherland Black we already have years of experience with cloud accounting. We have clients on Kashflow, Xero and Freeagent and can support any of these. Give us a call about implementing any of these systems.

We can save you money and provide you with a better service at the same time.

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